5 Reasons You Need Dental Implants

5 Reasons You Need Dental Implants

Jul 01, 2021

Tooth loss is an unfortunate occurrence that happens to thousands of people across the world. While natural teeth may be built to last a lifetime, it is not always the case. Many reasons could cause you to lose your natural teeth prematurely. Instead of focusing on how you lost your teeth, you have to direct your focus on how you can have them replaced.

Modern dentistry has a provision for restorative dental treatments that provide hope for patients seeking to replace their missing teeth. One such treatment involves an implantation procedure, yielding various benefits to patients.

What is Tooth Implants?

They are titanium metal posts that are created for the purpose of replacing lost teeth in dentistry. These metal posts are usually inserted through a surgical procedure that entails erecting the titanium metal posts in the jawbone. In comparison to other replacement alternatives, implants are very unique given as they replace the roots of teeth first.

However, these metal posts cannot work on their own. Technically, once a tooth implant has been placed in your mouth, a different oral appliance must be employed to complete your treatment. In many cases, for single tooth replacement, dental crowns are used to cover implants. However, in situations where patients have lost multiple teeth, teeth implants are best covered by dentures. In that regard, you have to talk to your dentist about the process of getting permanent dentures in Cupertino through getting oral implants first.

Why would you need dental implants?

In dentistry, many different approaches can be used to restore your lost teeth. Therefore, for one to determine tooth implants over their counterparts, there have to be specific reasons why among the unique benefits of dental implants over others to the replacement or appliances include the following:

  1. For optimal functionality of the mouth – When you are missing one or more of your teeth, how your mouth functions is not the same as before. You may experience issues when chewing hard foods or even trying to pronounce certain words. Getting dental implants is one of the ways to restore the functionality of your mouth. This is especially the case if you have last all your teeth and require Full mouth dental implants.
  2. To restore your bone tissue – upon losing your teeth, it doesn’t take long before the tissues of your oral cavity begin to deteriorate. It first starts when your gums recede because they no longer have teeth to support. Gradually, the bone tissue underneath the gum tissue begins to degenerate. The longer you still without teeth, the more of your bone tissue is lost. Getting dental implants, therefore, restores the health of your bone tissue, particularly because the implants are installed in your jawbone through a surgical procedure.
  3. To improve your cosmetic appearance – when you have a tooth missing in your mouth, there is a gap that is noticeable every time you smile. Such is a problem that can tamper with the cosmetic appearance of your smile. Getting oral implants, therefore, is one of the ways you can restore the beauty of your smile by closing the gap that exists because of your last tooth.
  4. For a permanent tooth replacement treatment – even though there are different types of treatments that can be used to replace your missing teeth in dentistry, they are not all permanent. Technically, teeth implants are inserted in the jawbone and supported steadily by the gum tissue. Only oral implants replace your teeth by replacing both the roots and crowns thereof, resulting in a permanent dental solution.
  5. Implants are sturdy – many dental experts say that oral implants closely mimic the strength of natural teeth. The implants are made of titanium. A feature that makes titanium the most suitable material to create implants is that it is sturdy metal, therefore, suitable even for back teeth. Other than that, the material is biocompatible, making it integrate properly with the jawbone of your mouth. Afterward, when your mouth has healed completely, you will have a natural-looking result, with an implant sturdy enough to compare to the rest of your natural teeth.
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