5 Tips for A Successful Teeth Whitening Treatment

5 Tips for A Successful Teeth Whitening Treatment

Dec 01, 2021

Presently, white teeth are a constant criterion for beauty and health. When we look at and analyze a person, we usually don’t forget to look at their teeth. Dentists also link a teeth’s color to a persons’ dental health. One with white teeth probably has less tooth decay and cavities than persons with yellow teeth.

Keeping your teeth white is not some small feat. Even the most disciplined person forgets to brush their teeth. More importantly, various food and beverage constantly pass through our teeth, bringing multiple substances that can hurt our teeth color if left unchecked. So if you are looking for a quick way for dental treatments, search for ‘dentist office near me’ on Google.

Different Types of Teeth Whitening Treatment

Everyone undoubtedly needs to have a teeth whitening treatment plan or risk their opportunity to smile freely in public. Below are some procedures that can help you maintain your sparkling white teeth.

#1: Custom Fit Tray Bleaching

This is one of the most reliable treatments, trays with whitening substances are fitted to a patient’s teeth and kept in place for a while. The customized tray ensures maximum exposure of your teeth to the whitening substance. Visit your local dentist and get your very own custom-fit tray.

#2: Whitening Strips

These are flexible strips of whitening materials that are available in your local pharmacy. When applying, one strip is placed on the top row of teeth, and the second strip is placed on the bottom row of teeth. Results can be seen after several days (usually three days).

#3: Whitening Toothpaste

These are not your ordinary toothpaste; these types usually contain more abrasive ingredients that scrub the teeth’ surface. Make sure to select a whitening toothpaste that has a seal of approval from your country’s official dental association.

#4: Laser Bleaching

This is a relatively new branch of dental treatment for teeth whitening. The laser used will help activate the whitening agent that is placed in the teeth. One advantage of this treatment is that you can immediately see the result afterward. However, not all are suited for this kind of treatment and must consult their dentist before choosing to undergo laser bleaching.

Dental treatments, as listed above, are easily accessible to everyone, but it is best to consult your dentist in 95014 before selecting one to avoid any complications and achieve the best result.

Tips for a Successful Teeth Whitening Treatment

Dentists in 95014 offer the following tips to safely and successfully whiten your teeth. Check them out for white teeth and a beautiful smile.

#1: Consult with your Dentist

One’s teeth lose their whiteness for various reasons, and due to this, some teeth whitening treatments may not be as effective as others. To determine which is the best teeth whitening solution, consult a dentist near you.

#2: Over-the-Counter Products

You must first consult your dentist before opting to buy teeth whitening products at the pharmacy. Your situation may require more than simple whitening strips.

#3: Limit Consumption of Acidic and Colored Foods & Drinks

Refrain from consuming these types of foods and drinks immediately after having a tooth whitening treatment. It takes time for our saliva to create a protective coating for our teeth against acidic substances.

#4: Maintain Teeth Whiteness

Achieving your desired teeth whiteness is a process. Undergoing a tooth whitening treatment is just the first part. You have to religiously maintain it for the whiteness to last as long as possible. Use whitening toothpaste and mouthwash.

#5: Touch-Ups

A treatment’s effect will eventually wear out after at least a couple of years. If you observe that your teeth have reverted, you must consult your dentist and schedule another treatment.

Adverse Effects of Teeth Whitening Treatment

The two main adverse effects of such treatment are tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. Whitening agents often contain ingredients that can irritate the gums. Fortunately, these irritations usually do not last more than a day. On the other hand, some elements penetrate the gum and reach a tooth’s pulp after extended exposure. This usually results in sensitivity that can last for several days.

Final Words

There are many teeth whitening plans available, but it is best to consult your dentist before choosing. At Cupertino Family Dental, we are ready to help you retain your smile. Contact us today for a convenient and safe treatment.

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