6 Useful Tips on Cleaning Dentures

6 Useful Tips on Cleaning Dentures

Nov 01, 2020

When it comes to dental health, hygiene is a vital aspect. Hygiene is the cornerstone of optimal dental health. It is very important in both general and restorative dentistry. Cleaning your dentures should be taken seriously. This is because dentures, if not kept clean, have serious effects on your dental health. Adhering to a strict cleaning routine will go a long way in ensuring you are healthy.

Getting dentures is the first step towards a beautiful smile. After that, how you take care of your dentures will determine if you get to keep the smile. Not everyone who gets dentures has the right information on caring for them. Here we have tips that will help you keep your perfect smile for long.

Why Clean Your Dentures?

As we said before, cleaning dentures is an important practice. Here are the reasons why you should regularly clean your dentures.

For Optimal Oral Health

Cleaning your dentures is important in keeping your oral health at its best. This will keep most dental problems at bay. Optimal oral health also improves your general body health. Regularly cleaning your dentures will guarantee proper oral and body health.

Minimize Bacteria Buildup

Bacteria buildup can cause a wide range of serious dental problems. Minimizing bacteria buildup will prevent common problems like tooth decay. Our denture cleaning tips will help minimize bacteria build up on your dentures and natural teeth.

To Keep That Beautiful Smile for Long

Properly cleaning your dentures will ensure you get to keep your new perfect smile for long. Cleaning your dentures prevents issues like discoloration. Your dentures will stain if you don’t clean them properly. When this happens, you will lose your newly acquired beautiful smile.

Denture Cleaning Tips

Our tips will guide you on the proper cleaning of dentures. This will help you maintain the best oral health and a perfect smile. Strictly follow these tips when cleaning your dentures.

  • 1.Regularly Brush and Rinse Your Dentures

Avoid using toothpaste to brush your dentures. This is because toothpaste can cause plaque buildup. Toothpaste has abrasive properties meaning it will create small scratches on your dentures. Brushing dentures should be on a daily basis. Regular brushing will prevent staining and will remove plaque.

Use a brush that is specifically made for dentures. A normal toothbrush with hard bristles will damage your dentures. Brush the dentures gently to avoid damaging them.

  • 2.Soak Them Overnight

Soak the dentures overnight to keep them moist. This will ensure they keep their shape. You can soak them in water or the denture solution your dentist will recommend. If you are not sure how to soak dentures, talk to your dentist.

  • 3.Use a Denture Cleaner

Avoid using common cleansers or toothpaste as they are abrasive. We also don’t recommend using bleach to clean your dentures. Bleach will whiten the whole denture, including the pink portion. Ultrasound cleaners are the best for cleaning your dentures. However, the ultrasound cleaner should not substitute regular brushing and rinsing. Use both to clean your dentures to ensure proper hygiene.

  • 4.Handle Dentures with Care

You should be very careful when handling your dentures. Always handle them under water or a soft cloth. This will prevent cracking in case they fall from your hands.

  • 5.Properly Clean Your Mouth After Removing Dentures

Brush your natural teeth with toothpaste after removing dentures. You should also clean your tongue and the roof of your mouth. After this, you should also remove denture adhesive that may still be in your mouth.

  • 6.Visit Your Dentist Regularly

 Regular dental visits are also important when it comes to cleaning your dentures. The dentist will examine your dentures and identify any developing problem you may not have noticed. Visit your dentist immediately if your dentures start becoming loose. This is because loose dentures pose a dental health risk.

Caring for Your Mouth When Having Dentures

Always clean your mouth before putting your dentures in. This helps remove plaque, which can cause tooth decay. Patients with partial dentures should always remove them before brushing teeth.

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