Children's Dentistry And Its Benefits

Children's Dentistry And Its Benefits

Jun 01, 2021

Children are such fragile creatures that they need specially trained doctors to look after their well-being. Children’s medical doctors are called Pediatricians and are responsible for the physical, mental, and behavioral care of children. A person’s dental health is just as important as his medical well-being. Therefore, children require specially trained dentists for the care of their oral health.

Children’s dentistry, commonly known as pediatric dentistry, is a branch of dentistry that deals with the management and improvement of dental health in children. A child’s dental health should be treated with an equal level of importance as the child’s medical health. Cultivating healthy oral habits from a young age is a guarantee for long-lasting healthy dental health.

Pediatric dentists practice pediatric dentistry. They specialize in providing dental care to children and teenagers. Pediatric dentists undergo more specialized training than general dentists because of the category of people they deal with. Pediatric dentists undergo at least four years of dental school training and two additional years of residency training in dental healthcare for children.

Some people might opt for family dentistry as family dentists also undergo some pediatric training. Family dentists are meant to cater to the dental needs of every member of the family, either old or young. Some family dentists are in fact, pediatric dentists.

Babies are known to start developing teeth six to twelve months after birth. The first teeth to come out are usually the lower central incisors. By age three, a child must have completely developed a complete set of milk teeth. By the age of seven, children start to lose their milk teeth, having them replaced with permanent teeth. Children are being faced with the risk of developing many teeth infections and diseases without the proper oral health care. Pediatric dentistry is there to nip tooth diseases in the bud and also offer dental advice to the children.

Services Offered By A Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentists help to maintain and improve the dental health of children by doing the following:

  • They conduct oral examinations from time to time to assess the risks of tooth infections.
  • They practice preventive dentistry as well as recommend good oral hygiene.
  • They diagnose teeth infections or diseases in children.
  • They assess children’s teeth as they grow to correct any irregularities.
  • Finally, they manage all dental health issues about children.

Pediatric dentists use specially designed equipment exclusively meant for kids.

Common Dental Health Problems In Kids

Most of a child’s dental problems are similar to the ones that affect adults. However, since a child’s teeth are still developing, they’re softer and more delicate than an adult’s teeth. Dental problems in children that are left untreated lead to more serious problems as the child grows.

Common teeth problems experienced in childhood are:

  • Tooth decay. Tooth decay is caused by dental plaques which are formed as a result of bacteria, saliva, acids, and starchy foods. It is easy for children to have tooth decay because of their love for sugary things.
  • Gum disease. Gum disease, also known as gingivitis, is caused by the inflammation of gum tissues. It’s caused by poor oral hygiene, and dental plaque and tartar buildup. Kids, as a result of their inability to take care of themselves fully, might be at great risk of having gum disease.
  • Bruxism. This is also known as teeth grinding. It is the continuous clenching and grinding of teeth. It has adverse effects on the natural development of the teeth.

Other dental health problems in kids are thumb sucking, bad breath, canker sores, teeth sensitivity, etc.

Benefits of pediatric dentistry

Choosing pediatric dentistry over general dentistry and even family dentistry is one of the best decisions to make for children. The benefits of choosing a pediatric dentist for your child include:

  • Maximum dental health care from specialists for kids.
  • Access to dental equipment for kids.
  • Tender care makes kids happier and calmer.
  • Elimination of dental fears and myths. Kids might be scared of pain from dental care. Pediatric doctors help to alleviate their fears professionally.

Pediatric dentistry helps kids to maintain the perfect set of teeth as they grow up.

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