ClearCorrect Is The Clear Choice For Teens!

ClearCorrect Is The Clear Choice For Teens!

Aug 10, 2019

So you have a teenager who hates their crooked teeth but doesn’t really want braces.

We have a solution!

Before your family’s schedule gets too filled up with school-related activities, visit Cupertino Family Dental so we can talk to you and your reluctant teen about a different orthodontic option that won’t force them into metal braces for the next couple of years!

We’re talking about ClearCorrect, a discreet, removable series of aligners that move teeth faster and offers great results, especially for self-conscious teens.

Teens Feel Better About Braces With ClearCorrect

When your teen visits our Cupertino dentist for a ClearCorrect consultation, they’ll learn more about the unique benefits of this orthodontic strategy. Here are two important ones that may just change their mind about treatment:

*They Will Feel More Confident*

When a large portion of school-age kids are wearing braces, it’s easier for them to accept how braces change their appearance for a time. It’s less embarrassing to be a “metal mouth” if all your friends are, too, right?

But still, teens especially are going through a point in their adolescence when appearance matters more than it did in elementary school. They have more opportunities to assume leadership roles, attend important social events like school dances and prom, and to speak in front of a larger, and often more critical, audience than they’re used to with more presentation-style assignments.

This change of culture can make it tougher to convince your child to get braces, but that’s not the case with ClearCorrect!

This system moves teeth into the right position faster than standard braces and uses a series of clear aligners that fit over their teeth. Your teen won’t have to change the way they look in the meantime, change their diet, or spend more time on oral hygiene.

In other words, ClearCorrect does the same thing that metal braces would do, but your teen can feel more confident during the entire course of treatment, which is generally a year!

*They Can Avoid The Stress Of Braces*

As adults, it’s tempting to dismiss or minimize the stress we hear our kids and teens complain about because we have the wisdom of knowing that they’ll look back on these years later as the easiest of their lives.

But if we’re honest with ourselves, it’s not hard to recall the unique challenges they face during the awkward adolescent years.

So let’s remember the kind of pressure teens face during your average school day. They’re worried about getting from one part of campus to another without being tardy, and that’s not as easy to do when the hallways become increasingly crowded.

There’s also not much down time now that recess is a thing of the past and the lunch lines get longer and eating time grows shorter.

So anyone wearing braces is sort of at a disadvantage because they just don’t have time to stand in front of the bathroom mirror flossing around their brackets and wires to get the bits of food out. Not to mention that having to do this out in the open of a school restroom is embarrassing enough!

Clear aligners can be removed at lunch time, so your child doesn’t have to stress about being rushed because of the extra time it would otherwise take for them to clean their teeth before class!

Call Now For A Consultation!

The start of a new school year can be a bit hectic for our Cupertino families, so before things like studying, sports, and weeknight activities take over your schedule, visit us for a ClearCorrect consultation!

We’d love to talk with your self-conscious teen about the benefits of clear aligners so they will feel more comfortable about pursuing the straight, beautiful smile they want!

Call Cupertino Family Dental today or fill out our online form to request an appointment.

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