Five Proven Methods to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Five Proven Methods to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Dec 01, 2022

Do you find it overwhelming to get your child to Brush? As children’s teeth develop or fall, they might find it uncomfortable to Brush. In addition, your child might try to assert themselves by challenging you because you compel them to Brush daily.

In addition, children aren’t concerned about preventing tooth decay or gum disease by practicing brushing every day. Therefore you must show off your creativity and patience to encourage your child to Brush without exceptions.

Do you think our suggestion will further overwhelm you because your child is adamant about not brushing? If you do, we suggest you discuss the issue with the dentist near you, who suggests five techniques for your child to start brushing and retain the habit of life.

Suggestions That the Dentist Nearby Provides

  1. Starting Early : Cleaning teeth is a habit that must begin soon after the child’s first tooth erupts. It might seem too early to brush teeth at six months. However, the baby teeth serve as placeholders for the permanent teeth making it essential to establish healthy dental habits early. Your child will not have the skills to Brush at that age. Therefore it is your role to Brush their teeth twice daily for two minutes each to ensure brushing becomes your child’s second nature
  2. Setting an Example : It is a practice among children to observe and mimic parents constantly. Therefore if you decide to become a role model for your child during the crucial developmental stages of brushing your teeth with your kid, it helps them learn how to proceed with brushing.
  3. Rewarding Positive Behavior : the dentist in Cupertino suggests you motivate your child to Brush their teeth to make it a lifelong routine for their dental health by using positive reinforcement. For example, you can make a reward calendar and add stickers to it every time your child brushes without your instructions. A week after you begin the motivation, reward your child by spending extra time before the TV for 10 minutes and a bedtime story for good measure.
  4. Brushing Must Be Fun : Making toothbrushing funny is not a challenging task, and your child will look forward to it if you make some effort. For example, making brushing a game by calling your child a superhero out to kill the cavity monsters on their teeth before two minutes can encourage them to motivate themselves. You will soon notice that your child enjoys the superhero routine, frequently appearing as a winner. On the other hand, you can also include some fun tunes to make brushing a dance and party routine as you brush your teeth with your child. Finally, do not forget to switch on the fun themes during brushing to ensure your child doesn’t maintain poor dental hygiene.
  5. Selecting Toothbrushes and Toothpaste : children’s dentistry in Cupertino, CA, suggests selecting toothbrushes for children available in multiple colors and toothpaste in various flavors. It would help if you let your child choose the toothpaste and toothbrush they like with their favorite colors, characters from TV shows, movies, et cetera. Similarly, they can also select the flavor they prefer by taking the lead, making them more likely to make brushing a lifelong habit.

Children listen more to persuasion and encouragement than merely forcing them to indulge in brushing and flossing. Therefore, you cannot consider punishing children for refusing to Brush. Instead, if you adopt the suggestions, the Cupertino dentist suggests your child will start brushing their teeth to maintain excellent dental hygiene to have a smile you will be proud of.

Getting children to brush their teeth early ensures they don’t develop harmful habits that might impact their oral and general health. In addition, taking your child to the Cupertino children’s dental facility helps you manage your child patiently because the dental practice stresses the importance of dental hygiene to help you with proven techniques to get your child to Brush their teeth and maintain excellent oral health.

Excellent dental health is essential for everyone but important for children’s developing teeth and jaws. It helps ensure children have healthy baby teeth and develop permanent teeth without confronting significant challenges. If you find it difficult to get your child to brush their teeth, you receive adequate help from Cupertino Family Dental, a children’s dentistry facility providing excellent tips to help you get your child to Brush their teeth. You can schedule a meeting with the practice today to learn about the nuances of children brushing their teeth from this practice.

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