Four Signs of Genuine Dental Emergencies Needing Prompt Treatment

Four Signs of Genuine Dental Emergencies Needing Prompt Treatment

Oct 01, 2021

Dental emergencies can strike in various forms. Some need prompt treatment from emergency dentistry, while others can wait for a day or two until you can visit your regular dentist. However, how do you distinguish between a genuine dental problem that needs expensive treatment from emergency dentistry or an issue that can wait for a couple of days before receiving treatment?

When dental emergencies strike either late in the evenings or on holidays as they are accustomed to, you will likely panic and wonder how you can overcome the problem affecting you. However, if you attempt to learn which dental emergencies need emergency dental care and the ones that can wait, you find it easier to manage the issue without panicking or running around town searching for a remedy.

Dental emergencies are confusing, and they leave even the most strong-hearted in a quandary wondering how they can manage the issue bothering them. This article provides four dental emergencies when you need prompt attention from a dentist providing emergency services. Please learn which topics need treatment right away instead of waiting for some time.

Dental Issues Needing Prompt Attention

1. Loss of Permanent Tooth

Losing a permanent adult tooth is undoubtedly a dental emergency requiring swift action on your part if you wish to preserve the tooth. For example, if you have a knocked-out tooth from an injury or accident, you must collect or pick up the tooth holding it by the Crown but not its roots. If you can get to the emergency dentist nearby ASAP, the chances of saving your tooth remain high. However, you must keep the tooth in moist condition and get to the dentist’s office when 30 minutes to ensure the dentist can reattach the tooth into its socket. Unfortunately, if you cannot reach the dentist, you may have to inquire about replacement options readily available to replace your lost tooth.

2. Chipped or Cracked tooth

Chipped or cracked teeth are the most common emergencies dentists repair. Minor chips that aren’t causing any pain can wait until you can see your regular dentist. However, if your tooth has cracked and is causing incredible pain, you must head to the nearby emergency dentist to have the tooth evaluated and determine the extent of the damage. If the crack is severe, chances are high you may need an emergency tooth extraction. Therefore do not consider an impact to your mouth leaving you with chipped or cracked teeth minor because they require attention from dentists, especially if you are in severe pain.

3. Dental Abscess

Have you left a dental infection in your tooth untreated for too long and are now suffering from excruciating pain and lingering sensitivity in a tooth with a dental abscess near the roots? A dental abscess is a life-threatening situation that needs immediate treatment from an emergency dentist. You will undoubtedly receive antibiotics from the dentist after draining the abscess and a recommendation for undergoing emergency root canal treatment. You can refuse the remedy if you desire, understanding that you will likely lose your tooth as well to the infection. Put off root canal treatment for long, and you allow the infection to spread into your bloodstream, causing various health complications unique treatments from different medical professionals. Instead of enduring unnecessary problems, you benefit by accepting the dentist’s recommendation to have the infection eradicated from your mouth by undergoing the treatment suggested.

4. Swelling

If your jaws or gums appear abnormally swollen or profit, you must visit an emergency dentist to evaluate the condition. Swelling indicates signs of an infection. When you visit the emergency dentist, the professional recommends treatment with your primary healthcare provider or a hospital, depending on the severity of your symptoms. However, calling an emergency dentist can be an excellent first step to resolve the issue.

Instead of remaining concerned about unexpected dental emergencies, you help yourself by learning about these four dental emergencies. It helps to understand where you can get the treatment needed to alleviate pain, preserve your tooth, and avoid unnecessary medical problems that can affect you.

Like everyone else, you may not want to experience a dental emergency. However, dental issues can strike without warning, and if you are affected by any symptoms as described within this article, you must seek help from emergency dentists near you without wasting time.

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