How to Replace a Missing Tooth Within the Same Day

How to Replace a Missing Tooth Within the Same Day

Mar 01, 2022

Having an awesome smile goes beyond dental aesthetics. Your teeth are designed to help you speak, maintain your facial integrity, and help your chew and bite food. In case you lose any of them, you may start facing issues such as poor pronunciation, difficulty chewing, bone loss, etc.

But there is good news! Our dentist in Cupertino offers same-day implants to ensure that you don’t have to deal with the issues that come with missing teeth. Years ago, getting same-day dental implants or tooth replacements was unheard of, but not anymore! Now you have the luxury of getting your smile redefined in a day.

With same-day smiles in Cupertino, you have the option of getting dental bridges and even tooth implants without waiting for so long.

About Same-Day Implants

Immediately you lose your teeth; you will feel the need to get them replaced in a heartbeat. This would be a daydream a few years back. But, same-day implants have changed this norm. Plus, as you know, no tooth replacements beats dental implants.

Dental implants don’t just replace the crown or the visible part of your tooth, but they go a step further and replace the missing roots as well. If you have no clue what tooth implants are, just know that they resemble screw-like posts that are the same size as your tooth roots. So, our dentist will surgically insert the post into your jawbone to replace the missing root.

The healing process usually takes months, so some patients are discouraged from undergoing the procedure. Getting traditional implants also needs more dental visits before getting your new set of teeth.

On the other hand, you can have your pearly whites during a single visit with same-day implants. The difference is that your gums and bones will heal while you have your pearly whites in place. This convenience sets them apart and is why most people gravitate towards them.

How Are They Fixed?

Same-day implants depend on dental technology and the expertise of the dental team. Luckily, at Cupertino Family Dental,we have the expertise and the dental technology to ensure that you get implants on the same day.

Are you curious about how they are fixed? Here’s a snippet of what goes on:

  • Consultation

At this stage, our dentist in Cupertino gets to check your medical history to ensure that you don’t have an underlying condition that can decrease the chance of success. Also, our dentist will take scans and digital x-rays of your mouth to see the state of your gums and jawbone.

  • Treatment Plan

After the consultation and a review of the scans, our dentist will create a treatment plan to ensure that you get everything you need, such as a sinus lift. After the treatment plan is set, you are ready for surgery.

  • Surgery

The surgery commences with sedation to ensure that the procedure is pain-free and comfortable so that procedures such as implant placement or extractions can be done without any problems.

After all the surgical procedures are done, you can choose to rest in a hotel room while we are fabricating your permanent teeth. You can come back to the office once the permanent teeth are ready.

  • Recovery

Now that your teeth are all fixed, you have a long journey ahead. Fixing them might take a day, but healing will take close to five months or even more, depending on your oral habits and overall health. You will also need to take soft foods and nutritious foods to promote healing.

However, you cannot skip regular dental checkups since this gives our dentist the chance to monitor the healing process.

What Are Some Benefits of Same-Day Implants?

If you choose to go for same-day implants, you can reap the following benefits:

  • You spend less time in the dentist’s office
  • Your gums will heal much faster
  • There is immediate gratification because you will leave our office with your new set of teeth
  • You will undergo a single surgery instead of multiple procedures that are characteristic of traditional tooth implants
  • You can end up saving more money since you will undergo a single procedure

Same-day implants may almost seem unreal. If you want to enjoy the benefits that come when you get same-day implants, contact us today.

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