Look Like A Celebrity With Cosmetic Dentistry!

Look Like A Celebrity With Cosmetic Dentistry!

Jan 01, 2019

When you see celebrities waltzing down the red carpet before awards shows, you probably admire their amazing figures, perfectly styled hair, and elegant gowns and suits.

But more than anything, it’s those million dollar smiles we see that leave us scratching our heads and asking ourselves how in the world they got such stunning, white, flawless teeth?

Let’s not kid ourselves!

They most likely went to a trusted dental professional for cosmetic dentistry!

And you can, too!

Look Like A Celebrity With Cosmetic Dentistry!

Here are a few ways our team at Cupertino Family Dental can give you a gorgeous, perfect smile just like you see from celebrities on the red carpet!
Get Teeth Whitening For A Quick Smile Solution!

If every person weren’t susceptible to teeth stains throughout their lifetime, then teeth whitening treatment wouldn’t be the most requested cosmetic dentistry service across the country.

So no, celebrities don’t have bright, white teeth because they’re just lucky!

Chances are, they rely on the professionals to make their smiles look youthful and radiant. And so can you!

We offer in-office and take-home treatment options so you can whiten your teeth in a safe way on your own schedule. The good news is that either choice will render dramatic results much faster than store-bought whitening kits!

Get A Silver Screen Smile With Dental Veneers!

What many people don’t know about dental veneers is that they were created in the early days of cinema so that actors looked great on the silver screen. What better way to look like a celebrity than relying on the very solution Hollywood producers have from the start?

Dental veneers have evolved, of course, so that they last for decades with the right care, and they can be placed in a single appointment thanks to our in-house e.max system. You can use veneers to hide:

  • Deeply stained teeth
  • Misshapen or gapped teeth
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Slightly crooked or overlapping teeth

You have the option of porcelain or composite dental veneers to mask the flaws you want to hide for a smile that’s red-carpet worthy!

Get New Teeth Now With Same-Day Smile!

Replacing missing teeth can be a long process, full of multiple appointments, procedures, and months of waiting.

But with same-day smile in Cupertino, CA, you can have new teeth that mimic the natural function and appearance of the real thing, all without the wait! We house CEREC technology that enables us to custom-fabricate your dental restorations right here in our office so you can have new teeth the same day your dental implants are placed.
It all depends on your particular dental needs and circumstances, so be sure to ask about our same-day smile options at your consultation to see if you’re a good candidate!

Schedule A Consultation!

Just because you’re not a celebrity doesn’t mean a stunning smile is out of your reach.

Cosmetic dentistry comes in so many different forms, you can find the treatment that’s right for you, suitable to your goals and budget.

Get a Hollywood smile now!

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