Dental Emergencies in Cupertino, CA

Call Us For Help During Dental Emergencies in Cupertino, CA

Do not wait to get help during dental emergencies in Cupertino. Call us as soon as you are able to reach Cupertino Family Dental. We want you to get the help you need as soon as possible. That includes making appointments outside of our regular hours, on nights, and on weekends when necessary. Ignoring a dental problem is never a good idea.

Getting emergency dental care can:

  • Stop your pain
  • Repair your broken teeth
  • Remove infections from your mouth
  • Prevent more serious problems in the long run

Whether you have a toothache or a tooth has been knocked out, please call us right away to get help.

Our Emergency Dental Care Will Relieve Your Pain Quickly

Our team is ready and able to help our patients get the care they need as soon as possible. Here is how we typically handle some emergencies:

  • Broken Tooth – We can repair the tooth with a same-day dental crown.
  • Knocked-Out Tooth – We can stop the pain, then discuss options for replacing the lost tooth, including a dental implant, if we cannot reinsert the tooth.
  • Toothache –We can take action to repair a cavity with a filling or crown. If an infection is causing your pain, we’ll perform a root canal.

In many emergencies, the first priority is ending your pain and suffering. You can receive local anesthetic or dental sedation to ease your pain. Once the immediate problem has been fixed, we can discuss a long-term solution to repair or replace your tooth or teeth and to restore the appearance of your smile.

Be Prepared If a Dental Problem Affects Someone You Love

No one wants to experience a dental emergency, but they happen more often than many people realize. In a recent survey, 1 in 6 people reported having a dental problem requiring emergency care in the previous year. In the U.S., more than 2 million people make emergency room visits for dental problems annually.

Knowing what to do in these situations should include knowing where to go for help. Call Cupertino Family Dental immediately for dental emergencies in Cupertino. You can also schedule a visit online.

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