Gum Disease Treatment in Cupertino, CA

Revive Your Gums With Cupertino, CA Gum Disease Treatment

Most of us know that we should brush our teeth every day and visit the dentist every six months for a regular checkup. Even if we do our best to practice good oral hygiene, gum disease can still take hold – often without our knowing it. Cupertino Family Dental can restore your oral health with gum disease treatment in Cupertino. Our gum treatment will help:

  • Eliminate harmful plaque, tartar, and bacteria from your mouth
  • Stop disease that can lead to tooth loss
  • Make it easier to smile without embarrassment
  • Relieve unpleasant symptoms like bad breath and bleeding gums

If you think your gums could be suffering, don’t wait. Call us today to make an appointment. We’re on Miller Avenue, just around the corner from Cupertino High School.

Our Expertise Puts an End to Gum Disease

We routinely perform two treatments for gum disease to help our patients get their gums healthy again. We can numb your mouth with local anesthesia for either procedure. If you are concerned about discomfort, you can also receive laughing gas.

Scaling and Root Planing – Our dentists will use their expertise to deep clean below your gumline. We will gently remove pockets of harmful bacteria and smooth out the surfaces of your tooth roots to help prevent bacteria from growing. Depending on the severity of your gum disease, this deep cleaning may need to be performed every few months.

In its early stages, gum disease can be hard to detect. If you notice anything unusual, such as red or swollen gums, bleeding gums, or loose teeth, contact us as soon as possible to help prevent further damage to your gums and teeth.

Keep your teeth and gums healthy. Call us today for gum disease treatment in Cupertino.

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