End Jaw Pain With TMJ Treatment in Cupertino, CA

Do you suffer from nagging jaw pain, jaw swelling, or unexplained headaches? These are all symptoms of TMJ disorder. You can feel better soon with TMJ treatment in Cupertino. Using a simple oral appliance made right here, Dr. Lo or Dr. Lin can help by:

  • Reducing or eliminating popping when you open and close your mouth
  • Relieving tension on your TMJ to help your jaw relax
  • Making biting and chewing easier, allowing you to enjoy more kinds of foods
  • Reducing the intensity and frequency of your headaches
  • Preventing teeth grinding during sleep

You don’t have to suffer with TMJ pain any longer. Call us to schedule an appointment for TMJ help or to discuss your jaw pain at your regular checkup.

Our TMJ Therapy Provides Jaw-Soothing Relief

Your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) on each side of your head help you eat, talk, laugh, and yawn. Researchers haven’t yet determined an exact cause of TMJ disorder, but when these complex joints become irritated and inflamed, you can experience significant pain.

TMJ sufferers can sometimes get relief by applying heat or ice to their jaw or by doing simple jaw-stretching exercises. Often these remedies are not enough, however. That’s where the dental experts at Cupertino Family Dental can help. A thorough examination by one of our dentists will tell us if your pain is related to TMJ disorder.

If so, we can craft a custom mouthguard for you right in our office. It will:

  • Gently move your jaw forward, easing the pressure off your TMJ
  • Help eliminate jaw pain and swelling
  • Keep you from grinding your teeth while you sleep

Teeth grinding is a major cause of TMJ irritation (as well as a symptom of it), so stopping it will reduce your jaw pain and protect your tooth enamel from damage. In addition, studies have shown that grinding your teeth can cause tension and migraine headaches. By eliminating teeth grinding, you can experience fewer and less intense headaches.

Isn’t it time you felt better? Call us today to make an appointment for TMJ treatment in Cupertino. You can also contact us online.

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