What Is the Correct Age to get Professional Teeth Whitening and Its Facts?

What Is the Correct Age to get Professional Teeth Whitening and Its Facts?

Oct 01, 2022

Professional teeth whitening is an aesthetic dentistry procedure many seek to eliminate yellow, discolored, or stained teeth from foods and beverages besides infections and teeth damage. In addition, having brighter teeth helps boost self-esteem and improves your quality of life.

Currently, you can find many dentists offering teeth whitening near you and wonder whether you are suitable for the treatment. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure to brighten your teeth, but not everyone is considered ideal for the therapy. For example, if you have dental infections like tooth decay or gum disease, the dentist in Cupertino recommends you have the conditions treated before seeking teeth whitening remedies. Similarly, if you have severely discolored teeth from infections or injuries not responsive to whitening treatments, the dentist might recommend alternative therapies such as dental veneers, bonding, or crowns. In addition, if you have dental restorations over your teeth, dentists warn you ahead of time that the whitening treatment will not change the color of the repairs to cause a contrast in your smile.

Is Teeth Whitening Suitable for All Ages?

Teeth whitening from a dental professional is an excellent remedy for children and adults. Tooth bleaching is a cosmetic dentistry procedure whitening your teeth by a controlled application of hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. While children can also get whitening products at drugstores, they must seek advice from a pediatric dentist before using bleaching ingredients on their teeth, recommends the American Academy of pediatric dentistry.

While teeth whitening treatments are safe for all ages, children must wait until the enamel on their permanent teeth has calcified before considering whitening treatments. The tooth enamel calcification occurs two years after the emergence of adult teeth. Therefore if children start using whitening treatment before their adult teeth have erupted, they risk eroding tooth enamel and causing damage to the gum tissue. Therefore children are recommended not to use over-the-counter teeth whitening remedies at home without proper advice from their pediatric dentist.

Adults with discoloration on their teeth and without infections or restorations such as the ones described earlier can receive the best teeth whitening from the Cupertino dentist, completing their treatment in one appointment spanning 90 minutes.

The Facts about Teeth Whitening

When you visit the Cupertino dentist to whiten your teeth, please do not expect the professional to begin your treatment immediately upon arrival. Instead, you must exercise patience while the dentist examines your teeth, looking for signs of infections or restorations that make you ineligible for the treatment.

After examining your teeth, the dentist proceeds to clean your teeth, removing plaque and tartar deposits that also cause tooth discoloration before making a note of the existing shade of your teeth for reference later.

The teeth whitening treatment starts only after the dentist completes the above procedures and begins by safeguarding the soft tissues of your mouth and gums using cheek retractors and rubber dams to prevent sensitivity from the whitening ingredients from accidental leakage on them. After protecting your soft tissues, the dentist starts the whitening treatment using concentrated hydrogen or carbamide peroxide ingredients unavailable in over-the-counter remedies.

You receive four applications of the concentrated ingredient over your teeth for an hour at 15 adults each. Suctioning off the existing application on your teeth enables the dentist to give you a new application, and the sequence continues throughout the hour. Heat and light accompany the whitening treatment to accelerate the process of brightening your teeth as best possible during the hour.

At the end of the hour, the dentist requests you rinse your mouth and receive a fluoride treatment helpful for combating sensitivity and battling against cavities for several months. They compare the color of your teeth that would have changed by three to eight shades during the hour than earlier, as noted in the comparison chart.

Before leaving the dentist’s practice, the professional recommends limiting your consumption of stained foods and beverages, maintaining proper dental hygiene habits by brushing twice daily and flossing once besides getting six monthly dental exams and cleanings to avoid needing whitening treatments sooner than expected. Teeth whitening treatments do not deliver permanent results but depend on your dental hygiene and the care you provide your teeth. If you aren’t careful with your lifestyle habits and insist on having staining foods and beverages, smoking, or maintaining improper oral hygiene habits, you might require further whitening treatments to make your teeth appear brighter than they are.

Cupertino Family Dental provides effective teeth whitening treatments in the region, delivering results to make people’s teeth appear brighter and whiter. If you need teeth whitened, kindly do not hesitate to contact this practice to receive professional teeth whitening.

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