What to Do if You Need an Emergency Denture Repair?

What to Do if You Need an Emergency Denture Repair?

May 01, 2023

Dentures are teeth replacements used to restore a smile’s aesthetics and dental function. They are made from acrylic resin and customized to look like natural teeth. However, the resin material is fragile and can get damaged easily. Continue reading to find out when to visit an emergency dentist near you for denture repair.

How Can Dentures Get Damaged?

Dentures by the dentist in Cupertino, CA, are customized to look and function like real teeth. Although they closely resemble natural teeth, dentures are not as strong. Their material can crack or chip easily, affecting their function and aesthetics. Below are some ways dentures can get damaged.

  • Your denture teeth can break, chip, or fall out when you eat hard foods.
  • Continuous wear and tear make dentures more susceptible to damage.
  • They can fall accidentally and fracture, chip, or break.
  • Mischievous pets can damage dentures.
  • Poor care and maintenance always cause denture damage. Examples are not soaking them overnight or using toothpicks to remove stuck particles.

What Not to Do When Your Dentures Become Damaged?

Although you may take excellent care of your dentures, you cannot completely prevent them from getting damaged. So, you should be prepared if your dentures get chipped, cracked, or broken. Below are tips on what to do when that happens.

  1. Do not panic

It is a cause for concern when your dentures get damaged. This is because you cannot eat properly with fractured, chipped, or broken dentures. In addition, your speech and smile are affected. However, you should not panic. Instead, call an emergency dentist near you who repairs dentures and explain the issue. They will advise you on the measures to take.

  1. Do not wait

If the damage to your denture is not significant, you may decide to wait until the next appointment. However, waiting too long can damage the restorations further, making them more costly to repair. Excess damage can also render them irreparable.

Eating with damaged dentures causes great discomfort. This may lead to gum inflammation since you put more pressure on your gums. So, visit the denturist for repair right away to avoid these issues.

  1. Do not fix the dentures yourself

Broken, chipped, or fractured dentures can look easy to repair. So, it may be tempting to do self-repair at home using household products. Some people buy denture repair kits and attempt to fix the restorations themselves.

However, your lack of training and experience in denture repair can lead to further damage and increased discomfort. It is because you will not repair the restoration perfectly. In addition, you lack the skills to customize them after restoring them to fit in your mouth comfortably. So, visit a dentist who fixes dentures near you.

  1. Do not throw away any broken parts

Do not discard the broken pieces when denture chips, fractures, breaks, or a tooth falls off. The denturist may require using them during the repair. Therefore, take them with you to the dentist. However, it is okay if you cannot locate any pieces. The professionals will know how to repair your dentures.

When to Seek Emergency Denture Repair?

Some types of denture damage are insignificant and do not need immediate repair. You may wait a few days for a denture repair appointment. However, there are occasions when you must seek an emergency dentist near you for repair. Below are some of them.

  • The dentures break while in use

Dentures can break when you chew or bite hard foods and objects. When this happens, your gums, remaining teeth, or jawbone are impacted. Also, the denture will not function properly afterwards. Therefore, you should seek emergency denture repair.

  • If an artificial tooth breaks or detaches from the dentures

The false teeth on your dentures can become loose or fall off. If you continue to use the restorations, the pressure will be uneven. Consequently, your gums will become sore and inflamed. So, you should get your dentures repaired immediately to avoid these problems.

  • If the dentures ultimately fracture

Your dentures can split in half, or a large piece can become separated from the denture. It will be impossible to wear the dentures again. Also, any attempts to fix them can cause misalignment, which leads to gum damage. Therefore, you should seek emergency denture repair when your dentures fracture.


Dentures can get damaged at any time affecting your dental function and smile. When this happens, you should contact a dentist who fixes dentures. You can get such an expert at Cupertino Family Dental. These experts also offer annual maintenance to reduce the risk of denture damage.

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