Dr. Jacqueline Lo

Dr. Jacqueline Lo


Dr. Jacqueline Lo cares about the whole person who visits Cupertino Family Dental. She sees you as much more than just a mouth and some teeth. Your oral and overall health are connected, which is why she takes a holistic approach to general dental care. She wants every patient to have healthy mouths as part of their total wellness. And as the owner of Cupertino Family Dental, she has hired a team of dental professionals who share her comprehensive view of patient care.

Dr. Lo is a graduate of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, where she earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine. She also completed a two-year residency in general dentistry at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA. Through that experience, she learned a great deal about managing patients’ needs while treating individuals with complex medical issues.

Dr. Lo has a passion for providing the highest quality dental care for every family and every individual who visits our Cupertino, CA dentist office. Family dentistry is the foundation of what we do, and her goal is to provide comprehensive dental care in one convenient location. She is happy to help everyone from small children to senior citizens and everyone in between.

As part of her commitment to quality care, Dr. Lo has made continuing education a priority. New techniques and technologies are constantly changing and improving dental services. She works hard to stay up to date so we can provide the best care possible for our patients. It’s also why Cupertino Family Dental Center has incorporated advanced technology into our day-to-day services under her leadership. Check out the Spear education website to learn more about why dentistry is so important.

Dr. Lo is a member of the International Dental Implant Association, and she has completed extensive training in implantology. She has seen how implants can and have transformed the lives of countless patients who are missing one or even all their teeth. She is also a member of CERECDoctors.com.

When she’s not helping patients, she enjoys traveling. Let her know if you have any recommendations for places to visit.

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