Oral Surgery in Cupertino, CA

Save Your Smile With Oral Surgery in Cupertino, CA

Oral surgery in Cupertino may be the last thing anyone wants, but sometimes it is the best way to address a dental problem. Whether you are dealing with an infected tooth, preparing for orthodontic treatment, or restoring damage to your jaw, the right surgery – at the right place – can get your smile back on track. At Cupertino Family Dental, we use dental surgery to:

  • Stop the pain of infected teeth and gums.
  • Restore bone and gum damaged by infections or missing teeth
  • Make it possible to complete another treatment, such as dental implants

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Find the Right Surgical Procedure For Your Dental Problems

Oral surgery can solve various dental problems, from receding gums to impacted teeth. One of these surgical options from Dr. Lo or Dr. Lin could have big benefits for you:

  • Bone Grafts – You can replace lost bone tissue. This procedure may be necessary for some patients before getting dental implants. We don’t have to use bone from your chin or hip as some practices do.
  • Tooth Removals – Infected and impacted teeth can cause many problems if they remain in your mouth. By removing them, we can help you avoid serious long-term consequences and boost your oral health. We also use a special powder to preserve extracted teeth’ sockets, making it easier to place implants later.
  • Wisdom Tooth Removal – Wisdom teeth can create problems, such as a greater risk of cavities and gum disease. Removing these teeth can end your pain and any concerns about these teeth.
  • Ridge Augmentation – This is a kind of bone graft we may recommend to restore the shape of your gums and jaws after you’ve lost teeth.

Stop Suffering & Bring Back Your Smile

Oral infections can be painful, physically and emotionally. They can lead to soreness and lost teeth, leaving you self-conscious about your smile. Oral surgery in Cupertino could solve your problems or be part of the process of bringing back your healthy smile. Set up your appointment by scheduling a visit online or calling our dentist in Cupertino.

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