The Secret To Overcoming Dental Fear & Getting Healthy

The Secret To Overcoming Dental Fear & Getting Healthy

Oct 20, 2019

Your friends at Cupertino Dental want to help you enjoy a lifetime of great oral health, but if you’re too afraid to visit us, how can we do that?

That’s why we’re talking about how we can help ease your dental anxiety in today’s blog so that this Halloween, the only thing you fear are scary movies and haunted houses, not our patient-centered dental care!

The Secret To Overcoming Dental Fear Starts Here!

Just like getting over any other kind of fear, the secret to overcoming your fear of the dentist starts with understanding where it comes from.

Here are some examples:

Do You Feel Rushed Or Ignored?

Dental treatment can be uncomfortable if the dentist and hygienist fail to explain your treatment plan clearly or communicate with you during your appointment. Instead, they just seem to be whipping through the procedure and ignoring your distress.

We take our time, make sure you understand what’s going on, and constantly check on you to ensure your comfort.

Do You Think You’ll Be Judged Or Lectured?

If you have an unhealthy mouth, you might be too ashamed to face a dentist. What if they lecture you or judge you for letting your oral health get so bad?

That won’t happen at Cupertino Family Dental! Our compassionate team is here to support and encourage you!

Do You Struggle With Bad Memories?

One bad dental experience from your childhood will easily haunt you as an adult.

We can understand why you’d be afraid of going through something similar again.

But we can assure you that we will put your needs first and that we only invest in the most patient-friendly technology so your procedures are as comfortable as possible.

Do You Fear What You Hear?

Some friends, co-workers, and family members just can’t help themselves. They hear about your dental problem or upcoming procedure and can’t wait to share their own horror stories about painful treatment.

It might be well-intentioned, but it usually only makes you feel worse. Instead of imagining that your experience will be like someone else’s, remind yourself that all those other stories involve entirely different circumstances, professionals, and approaches to treatment.

Sedation Dentistry Can Change Everything!

When you’re able to acknowledge the source of your dental fear, you’ll be able to communicate more specifically to our team what you need from us in order to feel more comfortable when you’re here.

We have a number of tools that effectively relax our anxious patients, and you can decide which are going to suit your needs best:

  • Calming classical music to drown out triggering sounds
  • Comfortable massage chairs to help you relax
  • Soft neck and head pillows for added support
  • TV monitors that help distract you during treatment
  • Laughing gas to ease your body into a cozy state of relaxation

Combining sedation and cozy amenities will create a different kind of patient experience where you’ll feel calm and more at home, which will ultimately help change your mindset and instill a healthier attitude toward professional dental care.

Get A Healthy Smile!

Once you understand where your dental fear comes from, you can focus on specific strategies to change the way you think about dentist appointments.

At the same time, taking advantage of sedation dentistry will allow you to experience your appointments differently.

What ends up happening, then, is you begin to feel more confident about routine dental care with each successful visit! It’s a process that helps you regain control of your health and have a smile you can be proud of!

Take the first step and call Cupertino Family Dental today or fill out our online form to request an appointment.

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